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Help - Helpful Words and Phrases

It's hard to keep up with computer terms ... we've compiled this list of definitions to help you get more out of White Pages Nigeria.

What is a Browser?

A browser is the name used to describe the software application on your computer that allows you to move around, or navigate, sites from the Internet, move to other documents, view images etc.

What is a Checkbox?

When you are searching whitepagesng.com, sometimes a small square box will appear. This is known as a checkbox. If you click on the checkbox, a green dot will appear in the middle of it. This means you are agreeing with the instruction.

What is a Drop Down screen?

When we can help you by offering some suggested words to insert in a box, such as locations, a box will drop down on your screen and if you click on the word you need, it will automatically appear in the box above.

What is a Homepage?

It is the web page that is like the cover page or the starting point for accessing information from a website. If you are in the Whitepages website and need to get back to the homepage, just click the top left whitepages logo.

What is an Icon?

An icon is a small picture or graphic that describes something.

What is a Link?

A link is a text or button that once clicked allows you to move through the site.

What do Select and De-Select mean?

Select means to click on a box and a tick or mark will appear in order to perform a set task. To de-select means to click on a box to get rid of the tick or the mark, because you don't want to perform that function.

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