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High converting website

A high converting website is critical to the success of any online marketing initiatives you undertake as it is responsible for converting the website visitors you receive from SEO and PPC into sales or sales leads for your business.


There is a critical difference between an online marketing agency that designs websites and a web designer. Simply put, an online marketing agency has the expertise and responsibility of ensuring that the website is able to make a profit. A web designer, however, is only interested in the visual appearance of the website.

At the heart of any successful online marketing strategy is a website that achieves the following outcomes:

  • Creates a positive first impression with your prospect
  • Clearly articulates what your company is about and how it can help your prospect address a need
  • Makes it easy for the prospect to quickly find what they are looking for on your site
  • Establishes your credibility in a marketplace that is fraught with scepticism and risk
  • Compels the prospect to take action on your offer


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