Who Bought This Chevy Corvette for 2face & Annie ?

Sen. David Mark denies buying the Chevy Corvette for 2face & Annie

The card on the car clearly says ‘wedding gift from Senator David Mark’, but the senate president’s senior adviser on media, Kola Ologbondiyan, has released a statement denying it. Ologbondiya said:

Senator Mark did not visit Dubai for Tuface wedding rather he attended the 128th Inter parliamentary Union (IPU) conference currently holding in Quito, Ecuador. He was also not represented at Mr. Idibia’s wedding. It is also instructive to state that the President of the Senate, Senator Mark, did not make a car donation of any kind to Tuface before departing Nigeria for Ecuador neither did he purchase nor send any car to Dubai as a wedding gift for the musician or his wife. Who made the donation on behalf of the President of the Senate?

It is therefore a puerile lie for anybody to state that Senator Mark bought a Ferrari car worth N47m for Tuface. The allegation is wicked, ridiculous and irresponsible.

Signed: Kola Ologbondiyan
Special Adviser, Media & Publicity to the President of the Senate David Mark

The Chevy Corvette is worth about N7m and if the Senate president says he didn’t buy it, then we should give him the benefit of doubt. I doubt a man of his caliber will buy a wedding gift and then publicly deny buying it. I’m sure 2face Idibia’s team will address this when they get back from Dubai.

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33 thoughts on “Who Bought This Chevy Corvette for 2face & Annie ?

  1. Who gives a monkey’s … Whoever mignt have bought d car. D PR needs 2 buy one of dem car mags 2 identify a Ferrari from a Corvette! To him I’d say not all RED coupes r Ferraris, so maybe dats where d (CONFUNKSHUN) confusion stemmed from!

  2. The annoying thing now is dat this so called senate president rejected the bill of under-graduate been paid 20k monthly and am very sure he dnst have any means of providin jobz either.

  3. Personally don’t see any thing wrong in the gift,from senate president or not…tuface has worked hard he deserves all the gifts he can get…

  4. Yep many used to hv dis feeling dat tuface was d humble one,and dbanj wasn’t…hmmmmm I must say dey dnt differ @ all.May dbanj is beta sef.u r indeed 2FACE.ur fans can never know d true u now.1st of all saying u hv neva met a virgin in 2011 dats why u hvnt settled,2ndly u talked abt small wedding,then throw a razz circus in dubai seeking for funds frm public dupes.taaaaaaaaah!humble ma feet!

  5. Na wa ooooooooooo wonders will never end in Nigeria. he is lying, is name is on the card what difference will it make if he says the truth

  6. Hmmmmmm tuface scandals always trail u!although I’m a die hard fan of ur music.many events will unfold afta dis ur wedding,some will be hidden some exposed to d bed,as faze ur one time friend and brother said’d way to arrange ur bed na so u go lay on top am ooo’

  7. highly ludicrous we have some bunch of thieves and liars as our leaders……… He owes us no explanation to his actions anyway, I think.

  8. OK OK OK… I got it for them. If you are worthy of my gift, then you’ll get yours too… Now, you should just get some rest. Sen. David Mark.

  9. I weep each time I go abroad n see what their govt provide for citizens, may God not start wiping out these corrupt leaders soon. Cos they cries and tears of the poor is disturbing God. Think of how many people will die of hunger today or illness cos of lack of Medicals.

  10. Chai! Afraid is catching our SP o,him know na,him know say e be like say naija youths are not smiling rara,he be like say him know say if him no do something about the “gist”,something fit do am. Nonsensical people. Yeye dey smell.

  11. I’m of the opinion that he didn’t buy it, when you check closely , for a man of high calibre, the presentation of the gift should be unique, if possible with a letterhead proving that it came from him and not an ordinary cardboard paper with handwritten words naaaaa!! ,it looks like a ridicle to the senate president..

  12. It’s time to stop buying cars as wedding gift, he would have gently given the poor boy the money,

    Same thing with Naeto c car drama, why is controversy always coming with car gifts from wedding of musicians, Abeg make una ask of money instead of the car.

    I think tuface made a mistake to have pasted the paper from David mark, because he knew wat akpaibio own caused . This people are public figures, u don’t announce them

    Alot of people gave Stephanie okereke money for her Paris wedding, the private jet was paid for, it cost 60k dollars by someone in government but she never announced it, the rooms was paid for by the presidency, but she never announced it.

    Tuface should have been smart enough to keep quiet,

  13. Lol…I laff at this country, the level of corruption in this country is overwhelming. Mr Mark,why denying somtin so pellucid like this?…abi u dey fear ur Oga At The Top?…lolz.

  14. A man of his calibre?? What is his calibre. If Jonathan can say Nigerians r happy about the state of electricity, why won’t David mark deny it.

  15. Then who did? Cos i no ayiri esama cant afford 2 buy A car 4 d idibia’s 4 dat amount. Never! He will jst go broke

  16. If you notice the guy has not denied dashing tuface a 7 million naira corvette . He has only denied dashing the 47 million naira Ferrari

  17. Pls we shld just leave 2face alone. Senate President presenting a gift of dis magnitude is nofin 2blow alarm 4, anybody can give a gift depending on his ability. Weneva it’s politician dt makes a donation hypocrites wil criticize. If it was one of us we wouldn’t ve rememba †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ poor among us. Abeg make una park well jor. †̥ђε̲̣̣̣̥ poor ll always b among us so is bad roads. HML Idibias.

  18. He truth dere is dat d car could av only come from 2 sources-1-A politian 2-A PDP member….mtchewwwwww who r dey fooling

  19. What re we even talking abt,how can someone fearlessly put the senate president’s name on that car knowing fully well that he’ll get to hear? Meanwhile the mode at wch the gift is annouced is demeaning of the post of a senate president..too much puzzle for this. gist…!!! Waiting for tuface version..!!!

  20. why the denials? To me, there’s no big deal in this. It’s a wedding gift. People should let this couple be. As for Mr. Senator, if ur hands were clean; this shouldn’t even make u raise an eyebrow.

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