Super Fast Cars Driven By Abuja Big Boys

Some of the best and most expensive cars in the world can be found in Abuja, Nigeria. The super rich guys who live there do not play when it comes to their rides. There, you will find Chrome Ferrari, Ferrari California, Ferrari Italia, McLaren MP4, Mercedes SLS, Lamborghini Gallardo, Bugatti Veyron and many more exotic cars all in Abuja…
Culled from Lindaikejiblog
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7 thoughts on “Super Fast Cars Driven By Abuja Big Boys

  1. Am sure most of this guys no get any kobo for their bank account, becus of EFCC, so all they do is to buy expensive cars than to save some money in case of tomorrow. SMH. Anyway if they work hard to get their money, they will not do a thing like this. No sense of investing, only sense of show off. And I believe most of them also don’t wont their own family to come around them, when u see some of them papa and mama u go cry, not to talk of brothers or sisters self. Their money no dey show for their parents body, na to do unnecessary show off them sabi. Mo sorry fun gbogbo yin sha SMH for them all. I hope it won’t be too late for them to realise that Mike Adenuga and Dangote did not practise any of this lifestyle with their own money.

  2. The 7th picture is of a Ferrari 458 Italia like the one the Didi fellow bought. There were quite a few in Nigeria before he bought his. There’s even a black one in Sokoto.

  3. The people’s money and the masses are suffering! Na God go punish everybody papa, mama, pikin, etc wey dey thief government money… Thats all. Bloody bastards! They have money my black ass… Thieves!

  4. Na for nigerian roads dem go drive dis ones???I guess only in abuja..if not make dem cary am go traditional marriage for nkotekpene village lol? Men wey get money chop money..I get am no be for mouth

  5. With all the top shots in Abuja, this comes as no surprise.
    Haaaa na ataaa money mehn!
    ‘Whistling as I walk away’ my miracle is on the way…

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