Rihanna’s ‘unrepentant’ romance with Brown irk fans

Fans of Rihanna all over the world are becoming irritated about her closeness to her abuser (Chris Brown) again, but she doesn’t seem to care. ‘The more the public criticise Rihanna for getting back with

chris-brown-rihanna-back-togetherChris, the more determined she is to do whatever she wants,’ a source told British newspaper The Sun.
Rihanna is reportedly ‘determined to do whatever she wants’ with Chris Brown and she is convinced that her relationship with him is divine.

‘While no one else can understand it, she’s convinced that Chris is the love of her life and her soulmate and that they’re simply meant to be together,’ the source detailed.
‘She’s booked him and his mum into a five-star villa in Barbados over New Year so they can all get some downtime with her family.’
tumblr m6p1hiw0c31qh9qiho1 500Rumours making the rounds says, Rihanna and Chris will duet at the Grammy Awards next year, nearly four years to the day after the assault took place.
Chris was convicted of violently assaulting the Diamond singer in 2009 but the stars have been working on their friendship in recent months. The pair have even collaborated on a duet for Rihanna’s new album Unapologetic entitled Nobodies Business (sic)Chris-Brown-Rihanna



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