Kate Gossling Fired From Apprentice,Hoping For A New Reality Show

kateGiven how hated she’s been by audiences in the past, and the fact that her first show may well have led to the destruction of her marriage, you’d think Kate Gosselin would be done with reality TV. And you would be dead wrong!

Kate’s recent stint on Celebrity Apprentice was filled with the sort of ridiculous drama we’ve come to expect from the infamous mother of eight.

For starters, Jon Gosselin was pissed at Kate’s shooting schedule and accused Kate of neglecting their kids.

Next came reports from the set claiming that Kate feuded with Brandi Glanville and didn’t get along with any of her cast mates.

So now that the Donald has finally given Kate the axe, what’s next on the agenda for the World’s Worst Mom candidate?

You guessed it – more exploitative TV involving her kids!

A friend of Kate’s tells Radar Online that Gosselin is already planning her next reality show.

“She’s going to be on TV again,” says the source. “Kate constantly needs to find ways to support her family and the entertainment industry is just the easiest thing for her.”

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