FG To Face Out Sachet Water

jonaIn a bid to arrest the growing environmental hazards caused by the littering of waste, The Federal Government plans to ban  the use of plastic bags in the country this is as a follow up to the earlier declaration by the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Hadza Mailafia early this year.

she had said that the plan was to replace the nylon bags with paper bags.

According to her, government is also considering doing away with the use of sachet water.

Mailafia explained that the decision to ban plastic bags was necessitated by the numerous health and environmental hazards associated with its use.

She explained that while paper bags could easily decompose after being dumped, plastic bags were non-biogradable materials, which could stay in the soil for several years contaminating and destroying the environment.

Regarding the move to stop sachet water production,the Minister of Environment  said the ministry was currently conducting research along with experts on finding better alternatives that would replace sachet water.

While appealing for understanding from Nigerians, the FG through th minister for enviroment said sensitisation campaigns would be carried out.

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