Cossy shows off panties

By Ayo Onikoyi


Boobs-flaunting actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor has always got one punch in the sack to land the sucker punch on her fans and the media world. On Wednesday, she really knocked her Blackberry fans off their rockers when she posted a near nude picture of herself as her new DP (Display Picture).

Maybe the picture gives an idea of a pornographic scene taking place with the cameras clicking away but Cossy’s intention was simple, like a sweet baby, just to show off her new set of panties as she quipped “Hope you like my new panties”, cool, isn’t?

Cossy, who is presently working day and night to complete videos of tracks from her latest album “Nutty Queen” is always delighting her Blackberry fans with different sexy pictures, showing her boobs and recently, her backside and laps. Some days ago, she also displayed another picture of herself in ‘’doggy’’ position to show off a tattoo just at the base of her left bum.

But whatever opinion ‘’Miss Endowed” has created of herself, she is living the good life and also working round the clock to achieve her goals. No week passes without the songstress, taking a tour of her new album to one exclusive club or the other. She recently completed a multi-milliom naira mansion which she named ‘Playgirl Mansion’


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