Coscharis lunches BMW 7 Series Limousine

 By Taiwo Hassan

AGAIN, Coscharis Group, in anticipation to grow the nation’s auto sector, has re-introduced a new BMW 7 series Limousine into the Nigerian auto market.

The introduction of the 2013’s BMW 7 Series Limousine coincided with exactly four years ago when it was given a new facelift on the BMW Series 6.

At the launching ceremony in Lagos, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Coscharis Group, Dr. Cosmas Maduka said the new automobile innovation was not meant to prove a point about the company’s contribution to the growth of the auto industry, but rather to look forward about consolidating the future outlook of the nation’s auto sector.

Maduka, who was represented at the occasion by the company’s Group General Manager, Sola Adigun, said that the management’s decision to reinvent the BMW 7 Series Limousine was part of the effort to strengthen the BMW brand’s portfolio in the country.

“We are not celebrating our successful past as a company, but more importantly, we are looking into the future. A future that starts now with the launch of the new BMW 7 Series and the opening of our Lekki office. We are showing that we have potential to continue exploiting the high value-added auto sector,” Maduka said.

Speaking on the new fleet  features, he said the BMW 7 Series has new LED headlights, an upgraded interior with optimised soundproofing, comprehensive selection of optional equipment and state-of-the-art safety technology.

Also, it has a line-up of new drive systems, including six-cylinder diesel engine and the second generation BMW active hybrid 7.

According to him, the BMW 7 Series was manufactured in October this year and already prepared for the Nigeria roads because of its mileage.

The price tag for the new BMW 7 Series ranges from N22 million to N24 million.


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