CBN should enlighten rural dwellers to embrace banking – Consultant

Mr Bayo Rotimi, the Chief Executive Officer of Quest Advisory Services Ltd., has urged the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to sensitise rural dwellers to the need to embrace banking.
Rotimi, a financial expert, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos that the educating rural dwellers on the importance of banking would facilitate the success of CBN’s financial inclusion policy.

He also urged banks operating in the hinterlands to educate the people on the relevance of banking.
Rotimi told NAN that most of the people who were not exposed to banking services could be found in the rural areas.
He said that some of the rural dwellers preferred to keep money under their pillows at home, adding that proper enlightenment would change their orientation.

“Any bank that is established in the rural area must enlighten the indigenes of that area why it is important to keep money in the bank.
“If there is a fire your money will not get burnt and nobody will come to your bedroom and steal your money under your pillow.

“So, there must be great enlightenment in terms of radio, in terms of talking to the community leaders, and helping them to establish cooperatives where you can pass information across to trade groups.“

Rotimi said that operating bank accounts would enable the people to have access to loans to fund their businesses.

He said that CBN would ensure that rural dwellers even in remote areas had access to banking services.


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