10 Cheapest Cars In America Today

In general, cars today are so competent that even some of the most basic rides are better than some much pricier vehicles from 20 years ago. Of course, there’s still unpleasantness residing on dealer lots—but we’re here to help. We’ve compiled the 10 cheapest cars for sale in America today, along with our unvarnished assessment […]

Twitter dude

A Nigerian Man Who Was Arrested For His Live Tweets Of The SSS Jail Break Launches A release Campaign

A man who live-tweeted from the scene of an attempted jailbreak in the Nigerian capital Abuja 12 days ago, has disappeared. Activists believe he may have been arrested, and have launched a Twitter campaign for his release. The hashtag #FreeCiaxon and the Twitter handle @ciaxon have been trending in Nigeria since late on Wednesday. There’s also a lot of […]