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Whitepagesng is Nigeria’s local online advertising directory solution, aimed at assisting products and services to be targeted at the general public. We make it easy for you to find and connect with businesses while making your own businesses visible enough to garner customers.

Whitepagesng has a team of dedicated sales consultants, who are committed to working with your organization to create effective online advertising campaign tailored to meet your online advertising needs. About Whitepagesng.comIt is designed with easy to use mechanical system, ranked by many as one of Nigeria’s most visited websites.

Whitepagesng, has a mass reach of 4.5 million serious browsers per month. We believe that, about 70% of our browsers are ready to buy people, who may ask for a quote that can lead to business relationship being established.

The concept used to design Whitepagesng allows picture adverts to be presented strategically within each category; adverts come out in wide ranges of big sizes and help your business get noticed.



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